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Ramayana Water Park Pattaya

Ramayana Water Park Pattaya




Ramayana Water Park Pattaya


Ramayana Water Park, Pattaya, the largest world-class water park in Thailand, is majestic with more than 21 world-class slides, including a variety of rides from thrilling rides such as Python and Aquaconda. The only one in the world and the Aqua coaster, the longest slide ride in the world. But if anyone likes light fun There are also fun and leisurely play equipment here. For example, a children's zone that opens up to 2 zones together. There is also a double wave pool. A giant replica beach that allows you to enjoy surfing all day long.


Monday - Sunday : 10:00 am to 18:00 pm


Water Park Rides


Aqua Play

Aqua Splash

River Slide

The Mat Racer




Aqua Coasters








Activity Pool

Larger than an Olympic size swimming pool, our Activity Pool is a source of fun all day long, with water volleyball, swimming lessons, water aerobics and lots more on offer. Or,just relax and enjoy the jacuzzi bubbles at bothends.

Double Wave Pool

Washing on to a 160m beach, our Double Wave Pool is probably the biggest around, Half of the pool contains stormy waves to bravely battle, the other side rocking you gentler in your tubes! Between the two you will find our impressive entertainment stage.

Relax Pool

Relax or gently swim whilst enjoying the invigorating bubbles in the Relax Pool, Sit in the water and enjoy a refreshing drink at our Pool Bar, an integral feature of the pool.

Lazy Wave River

Take a seat in a single or double tube or just swim and float down 600m of the Lazy Wavy River, eperience waves to shake you, bubble areas, waterfalls and geysers to splash and soak you. Along the way, admire and explore the ruins of the ancient city, and be captivated by the mystical sculptures from the long-forgotten past in the Grotta cave - a real highlight!



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