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Pattaya Sheep Farm

Pattaya Sheep Farm




Pattaya Sheep Farm


Sheep Farm Pattaya, another popular tourist attraction in Pattaya. It is also the largest sheep farm in Thailand. Of course, we come to the sheep farm to feed the sheep. And watch the show of sheep, sure enough. But here there are also more than a hundred species of animals to come in close contact with, and there are also beautiful photo spots. Plenty and delicious with The Barn, Steak House, coffee shop, ice cream shop and many shops.


Monday - Sunday 09.00 am to 19.00 pm


Pet Farm




Sika deer

Sun conure



Miniature Pig

Brahma Cock

Sulcata Tortoise


Other Places

The barn steak house

Zone player

Fairy tale city





Pet Farm

Can't miss for animal lovers that allow tourists and children to come in and experience the joy. enhance knowledge with many kinds of animal gangs that are hard to find with staff to take care of cleanliness and safety at all times The area of ​​the zone will be covered by trees with a shady atmosphere. Let the animals rest and running around Able to feed and touch closely

Birld Land

A land of birds where almost all kinds of birds gather here. There is a large aviary for birds to fly freely in a variety of cages and you can take pictures. Take a close-up selfie with a cute little bird. Or feeding the birds, which is another activity that children and tourists love very much.

Game Zone

Let's exercise a little with activities. Shoot the target to test the accuracy. Throw dolls, collect points, exchange for dolls. Catch colorful balloons to win prizes. where children can play, adults play well Or take the kids to enjoy a large wind house where children can climb, slide down, jump and play as they age. or to go hand in hand to play a trampoline Sit and see the park view from a high angle with the Ferris wheel in the evening adding excitement.

Fairy tale city

Retrace with the imagination in fairy tales that everyone has experienced. That makes it seem like you are in that fairy tale, whether it's a castle, a dwarf house, a giant bean plant, a giant dragon fighting a prince. going to take a photo or pretend to be a princess or a prince Posing and collecting impressions of the family and children to bring back to tell about participating in the fairy tale city according to the story.

Pattaya Bird show

A special show from birds in the largest bird farm in the East. with a show of various species of birds Marvel at the abilities of these clever birds.

Animal show

Have fun and be amazed by the abilities of the animals as follows. A goat climbs a bucket open a sign, a thip-eyed sheep (find something), a sheep+goose walks zigzag in a race, a sheep+goose races into a basket with a hoop. and a spectacular show more amazed



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