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Koh Samed

Koh Samed


Koh Samed


Koh Samet, a famous tourist attraction of Rayong province. It is known as Koh Kaew Phitsadan. In the literature, Phra Aphai Mani of Soonthornphu is a famous tourist attraction of Rayong. Which is popular with both Thais and foreigners, located in Phe Subdistrict, Mueang District, about 6.5 kilometers from the coast of Ban Phe, with an area of ​​​​approximately 3,125 rai. Koh Samet is a triangular island. The base of the island is on the north side. which faces the side of Ban Phe There are 2-3 mountains in complexity with plains along the shore of the beach. Most are located in the north and east because it is named "Koh Samet" because the island has a Samet white tree. And Samet Daeng depends a lot.



10 Check-in points


1. Nadan Pier

The first point that we arrive at Koh Samet is Na Dan Pier, which is the main pier that most tourists have to get off before connecting to other beaches on Koh Samet. Giant sea butterfly statue Located in the harbor area, of course, this has become a popular selfie spot.




2. Sai Kaew Beach

Let's go to Koh Samet Another must-see attraction is Sai Kaew Beach, because besides this is a very beautiful beach. The fine white sand is soft on your feet. It is also the most beautiful beach on Koh Samet as well. The bustle of tourists who come to chill sunbathing under coconut trees Swimming in clear blue water

In addition, Sai Kaew Beach is also a beach full of beautiful resorts, restaurants, and there is also a statue of Nang Gum. And Phra Aphai Mani is at this beach as well. And full of water sports activities to enjoy the most. Who wants to come to the party Or don't like lonely places to visit? Definitely not lonely

3. Ao Wong Duean

Ao Wong Duean, another must-see check-in point on Koh Samet. The good thing here is beautiful beach Which is not allergic to Sai Kaew beach ever. and if viewed from the top You will see the appearance of the bay that curves like a crescent moon. hence the origin of the name "Ao Wong Duean"

Of course, the hustle and bustle of Ao Wong Duean is not inferior to Sai Kaew Beach. Here you will find great accommodations, restaurants, and bars to chill out, but if you want some privacy and a bit of peace and quiet, this is the place. You can also choose to stay at the resort at the head of the bay as well. Suitable for vacationing for the whole family. and a friend's gang ever

4. Koh Talu

In addition to Koh Samed We can also buy a One Day Trip tour package to visit Koh Talu as well. Koh Talu is located in Khao Laem Ya National Park - Koh Samet. It is a small island located not far from Koh Samet. Tourists are popular to go snorkeling here. Because there are the most beautiful coral reefs of the Rayong Sea.

Koh Talu also has a white sandy beach. The sea is crystal clear, beautiful and quiet, like we've taken a private island together. Therefore, it can be considered that check-in here is guaranteed to be satisfied. get beautiful photos Definitely going back!


5. Ao Prao

Ao Prao is a peaceful beach. And it's not as crowded as others. Of course, it's very private because there are not many resorts in this area. If anyone who likes peace and quiet, wants to find a place to stay, sunbathe, quietly read their favorite book, then we recommend this place.

There are also light water activities here. To have fun as well, such as kayaking or sailing because of the Ao Prao area. It is a point where the waves are calmer than other beaches, sure enough.

6. Koh Samet viewpoint

Koh Samet viewpoint It is a viewpoint at the southern end of Koh Samet. which will be able to see both the west and the east side ever Therefore, we will be able to visit here both morning and evening, it will have a different atmosphere.

But going to the viewpoint at the end of this island must be careful in terms of travel. Because the road is quite a xylophone along the route itself. Traveling to the viewpoint We can either take a minibus from Na Dan Pier or ride a motorcycle by ourselves. You can park your car in front of the National Park Protection Unit.

7. Ao Phai

Ao Phai is located next to Sai Kaew Beach. We can walk to chill. I can do it. Ao Phai is a small bay. Although not as much as Sai Kaew Beach But there is quite a bit of enthusiasm. There will be a restaurant in this area. Bar chilling by the sea but not a lot Suitable for people who like chill over light. And accommodation is available nearby. Ao Phai has a clean white beach. and beautiful clear water Suitable for a very hot vacation in this summer

8. Koh Samet Temple or Koh Kaew Phitsadan

Koh Samet Temple or Koh Kaew Phitsadan Temple It is the only temple located on Koh Samet. Located only 500 meters from Na Dan Pier, we can easily walk to the temple. Inside the temple there is a viharn and a pavilion for people to pray for blessings. peaceful atmosphere, There is also big buddha which is enshrined at the back of the temple facing the sea We can go to pay respects for good fortune.

9. Ao Nuan

Ao Nuan is the smallest bay on Koh Samet that has it all. We can walk chilling from the beach head to the end of the beach in a short time. It is a beach with very clear blue water. until the rocks can be clearly seen It can be said that it is another very beautiful spot, suitable for people who want to escape the chaos and chill out here.

10. Ao Lung Dam

If anyone likes a secluded feel get away from the crowd Ao Lung Dam answered the question very well. This place is just next to Sangthian Beach. The wind is quite calm, you can stand to take pictures and chill. The highlight is the wooden bridge that extends to the middle of the sea. Especially if it's at sunset, it's ten times beautiful.



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