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Koh Larn

Koh Larn


Koh Larn


Koh Larn is located in Pattaya City. Chonburi It has a total area of ​​approximately 3,500 rai, known as the beauty of the beach. But the advantage of Koh Larn is The journey takes less time, making it possible to go in the morning and return comfortably. And the proximity to Pattaya gives you quite a number of accommodation options.



Beach on Koh Larn


Tawaen Beach

It is the most beautiful and popular beach for both Thais and Asians. Especially for tours of China, India and surrounding areas. (Foreigners tend to opt for calmer beaches.) The stretch of beach gradually deepens and has fine white sand. along with many water activities This makes this beach bustling with tourists.

Sangwan Beach

It is a small beach, only 150 meters long, but the water is equally clear and pleasant to play. There is a wooden bridge connecting Tawaen Beach that looks quite stylish. There will be more people at this beach. And there are restaurants by the sea that look better than Tawaen Beach.

Thong Lang Beach

It is a small beach next to Tawaen Beach as well. It's easier to walk than Sangwan Beach because there are concrete roads that connect to each other. Anyone who rents a motorbike can drive in. Because walking in the hot sun make glycol feel

The nature of the beach is deeper than the previous 2 beaches, causing boats to park nearby. Send quite a lot of tourists Suitable for water activities rather than chilling in the water.

Ta-Yai Beach

It is a small beach at the northern end of the island. It is about 2.5 km from Tawaen Beach or about 10-15 minutes by motorcycle. Ta-Yai Beach is about 100 meters long. Most of the tourists are foreigners. And is a beach that is not very crowded.



Nual Beach

Nuan Beach is a beach in the south of Koh Lan. 5 km. away from Tawaen Beach or about 15 minutes by motorbike. The white sandy beach looks light brown. There are not many sporadic stones. This beach is quieter than Tawaen Beach. With a width of about 250 meters, suitable for those who like calm waves. There are many restaurants to choose from.

Samae Beach

Samae Beach (Sa-Haem) is a long and wide beach like Tawaen Beach. This beach is about 700 meters long and is another bustling beach due to its convenient transportation. complete water activities There are also many restaurants to choose from. Call it a secondary option. From Tawaen Beach ever / Samae Beach is 2.5 km from Tawaen Beach or about 10 minutes by motorbike.


Tourism Activities


Big Buddha Viewpoint

This point is known as the check-in point that everyone has to come. because in addition to paying respect to Luang Pu Thuat, the great You can also see the scenery of Tawaen Beach in full view as well.

Windmill Viewpoint

This point is a point that requires more effort than the Big Buddha point. Because the road is quite steep Driving a motorcycle must be very careful. Beginners can park and walk up. Get ready to be tired But when the view disappears, you will be exhausted.


Diving here is a snorkeling trip. The dive site is Sake Island, which is not far from the trip.

Squid fishing

is one of the most popular activities Squid fishing starts from boarding the boat at Na Dan Pier at approximately 6:30 PM and returning at 10:30 PM. The boat leaves the shore a short distance away. Boat equipment will be prepared. When the squid is caught, the crew will bake it as a snack on board.


Koh Lan tourism season

Like every island The best time to visit Koh Lan is sunny, no rain, no monsoon, between October-April. But if anyone can't find the queue at that time, check the weather. Let's go on a trip



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